I decided to write a thesis about children’s literature because today children prefer the company of a video game instead of that of a good book. When I was child I did not read so much as I do now but my home has always been full of books. Today life is too hectic to find five minutes to sit down and read a book, it is a luxury that not everybody can afford and often those people prefer to do something else. So I decided to get together in just a work three of my many passions: translation, that brought me to choose those studies; literature, that enrich me culturally and spiritually; and children, that I start to know better in those years. In this thesis I will try to show which is the reason that brings authors to write for children, and, after the researches I have done, I will try to explain what is translation for children’s books. I found out a world I did not know before and I found it really interesting. The most surprising thing was to find out how little is known about this subject and how old those studies are. I was surprised as well to learn that in Italy literature for children is not considered so important, indeed, the books I read for this thesis are not translated in Italian. So I used books written by some scholars like Zohar Shavit, Riitta Oittinen and Lawrence Venuti, which studies are about translation in languages like Finnish, Greek and English, despite this I had the possibility to read an Italian book about translation for children’s literature written by professor Stefania Tondo, who I had the pleasure to speak with, and she confirmed me that in Italy we are not so interested on this subject.

So in my thesis I will explain what is literature for children, how is translating this kind of literature and what are the strategies used.



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